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What Is The Treatment For Ovarian Cancer?

The most common ovarian cancer is Epithelial cancer which occurs in the surface layer covering the ovary. The treatment of epithelial cancer starts with a Frozen section test in which the ovary is thoroughly examined by a pathologist. The results are accurate and fast as this test gets completed within 10 to 15 mins after which we can confirm the possibility of ovarian cancer.

In various cases, the patients are diagnosed with Benign tumors like:

  • Serous Cystadenomas
  • Mucinous Cystadenomas

These are the early stages of cancer of the ovary. As they are diagnosed in the primitive stage itself it becomes easier to remove them.

Surgery to remove cancer from the peritoneal cancer is known as Peritonectomy. It becomes very important that patients consult and get treated with a specialist surgeon as there are chances of cancer recurring and spreading if the surgery is not done in the right way.

HIPEC Surgery – This surgery is also known as sandwich therapy in which the treatment of ovarian cancer involves a combination of surgery & chemotherapy. This process can be customized according to patient needs.