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Prostate Cancer is a Disease of the prostate gland which is identified with the male gender only. It is considered to be a cancer of elderly men, mostly those above the age of 60-65 years.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing trend of detecting prostate cancers in India in slightly younger populations i.e. between 45-60 years.

Prostate cancer is often slow-growing, and early detection may lead to a watchful waiting approach, where patients receive advice to monitor without immediate treatment. For expert guidance and personalized Prostate Cancer Treatment in Mumbai, consult with Dr. Nilesh Chordia, providing comprehensive care for optimal outcomes.

What is Prostate?

The prostate is a gland that has the function of producing Semen and carrying sperms in it through Urethra (a tube that passes through Prostate) outside of Penis. It is a walnut shaped gland situated behind Urinary bladder.

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Incidence Of Prostate Cancer

In India, about 21000 new cases of prostate cancer are found every year, according to Globocan 2018 report. Most of the prostate cancer cases found in India are in the stage 3 or 4 of its development, making is complicated enough to treat easily.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Primary treatment in the early stages of this cancer is the surgical removal of the prostate gland (radical prostatectomy) and/or radiation therapy to the site of the cancer.

Surgery these days can be performed using newly invented and extremely useful robotic techniques so that doctors can do surgery with minimal blood loss to patients, least incisions, and offer quick post-surgery recovery to patients.

In advanced stages, a treatment popularly known as Androgen Deprivation (ADT) is advised by Oncologists / Cancer specialists or Urologists.

Androgen deprivation treatment for high-risk localized, locally advanced (extending beyond the prostate gland), or metastatic (spread all over) prostate cancer is of 2 types.

1. Surgical removal (Surgical Castration) of Testicles (Source of testosterone- the male hormone that helps grow cancer in certain conditions)

2. Suppressing testosterone from the body using medicines (Medical Castration)

Both have their benefits and issues and the treating doctor is the best person to choose the right treatment 2 for the patient. Surgical removal of testicles is a one-time procedure whereas medicines are usually recommended to be taken every 3 or 6 months.

Chemotherapy and other advanced treatments are prescribed only in very advanced stages of prostate cancer.

A new trend in prostate cancer treatment involves integrating advanced hormonal therapies like Abiraterone and Enzalutamide alongside ADT for enhanced outcomes. Prostate cancer, when treated effectively, is highly manageable, offering long-term control. Rely on the expertise of Dr. Nilesh Chordia, a Prostate cancer surgeon in Mumbai, for comprehensive and advanced care.


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    Patient Review

    Patient testimonial for Dr Nilesh Choradiya

    Mamta Angarkhe

    Cancer Survivor

    Very soft spoken person & extremely gentle with patients. He explains everything and clears out any doubts the patient has. He has always been available for any guidance and support we asked for. Best treatment,Good recovery

    Ajinkya Manohar

    Cancer Survivor

    Very soft spoken person & extremely gentle with patients. He explains everything and clears out any doubts the patient has. My mom got operated under him for breast cancer and is now recovering well. He has always been available for any guidance and support we asked for. Lucky to have such doctors in our city.

    Shakuntala Purswani

    Cancer Survivor

    It's been almost a year since my husband got diagnosed with cancer but thanks to Dr. Nilesh , he operated my husband and till date we haven't faced any major complications as such. He is a great doctor , treats his patients very well.
    Thank you Dr. Nilesh

    Omkar Sakpal

    Patient's Son

    I met Dr. Nilesh sir since my father diagnosed for Renal Cell Carcinoma. He guided us very well. After every reports like CT Scan, PET Scan, CT Guided Biopsy, they explain us each & everything very clearly. Also they suggest very well known doctor (with his reference). For better treatment with medication. He received our calls at anytime and guide us with very simple behavior.
    Thank you Dr. Nilesh Chordiya Sir.

    Dr. Nilesh Chordiya

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