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Overview of Colorectal Cancer

Bowel or Colon is also called as large intestine which is an important organ of human digestive system. It is an organ that connects small intestine to Rectum / Anus. In colon, nutrients from the crushed food are absorbed into body and left over fecal matter is collected to be excreted from the body.

When colon or rectum cells undergo abnormal and uncontrolled growth, they form tumors, which can eventually develop into cancer, spreading to nearby and distant organs. Trust Dr. Nilesh Chordia, an Oncologic Surgeon in Mumbai, for expert guidance in your battle against colorectal cancer.

Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

 Bleeding from Anus or blood in stool that turns it black or dark

 Change in your normal bowel habits, such as consistent loose motions or chronic constipation

 Palpable (which can be felt by touch or pressing) tumor on abdomen or back; more commonly on the right side

 Feeling strain in your back passage while sitting for toilet, even after opening your bowels

 Drastically losing weight

 Pain in abdomen (stomach) or back (hip) passage.

 Tiredness and breathlessness due to anemia (less than required blood count.

Uncover the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer in this informative guide. With the expertise of Dr. Nilesh Chordia, a Colorectal Cancer Specialist in Pune, gain insights into early detection and the importance of timely intervention for a healthier future.

Risk factors for Colon Cancer

 Age is the biggest risk factor of colon cancer. Chances of colon cancer increases with age.

 Unhealthy Diet can also become a reason for colon cancer. Eating too much at a time, Eating processed food, Eating red meat frequently, Eating fatty and fibre-less food do increase the risk of colon cancer.

 Being overweight or Obese increases chance of developing colon cancer

 Lack of daily physical activity is also a reason for colon cancer development.

 Tobacco and Alcohol consumption also increase the risk of colon cancer.

 Ulcerative Colitis (Ulcer) that don’t heal can develop into colon cancer over time.

 Family history is another risk factor for colorectal cancer. If one has cancer history in family, especially that of colon / rectum / stomach cancer, they are at high risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Discover the top Colon Cancer expert in Mumbai ,Dr.Nilesh Chordia, for expert guidance on risk factors, early detection, and prevention. Your path to colon cancer awareness and proactive healthcare begins here.

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

Many times, cancer is treated for hemorrhoids due to misdiagnosis and worsens to the last stage where few options are left for treatment.

It is important that we report early symptoms to a doctor or Oncologist so that early diagnosis can be done and colon cancer patients can be given a long and good quality life.

It is recommended that a fecal occult test (Stool test for Blood traces) should be done as a screening test annually and a colonoscopy should be done every 3-5 years.

What are the options to treat Colorectal Cancer?

Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation are combined in a predefined proportion depending on the stage and physical state of a patient to treat colon cancer.

colorectal Cancer treatment

Surgery is a mainstay and curative treatment in this disease, especially in the case of stage 1 & 2 cancer of the colon, and the type of surgery changes depending on where the cancer is located and how much damage has it caused to the colon and rectum.

Stage 1 & 2 colon cancer patients many times do not require chemotherapy after surgery, therefore, early diagnosis is advisable so that patients can get away from only surgery and remain cured of colon cancer.

Many times, a small part of the damaged colon is cut and removed during colorectal cancer surgery and the remaining part is tied to each other to restore the normal function of excretion.

Rarely, the extent of colon damage is large because which colon is removed and Ostomy (Stoma) is installed in patients. A stoma is a bag-like structure placed outside the body and connected inside the abdomen which works as a collection bag for the fecal matter of patients.

With proper care and handling of stoma, patients can lead normal life. A stoma is the last option if nothing else can be done for the treatment and it is required in very few patients.

Statistically speaking, these days, stoma is required in only 1%-2% of patients due to advances in medical science to make better treatment options available for patients.

In the case of metastatic colon cancer or cancer which is spread to other organs, it blocks the passage of the colon which is called obstruction of the colon and it starts producing severe symptoms.

Such obstruction can only be removed by surgery so that the patient can be relieved momentarily. Many times, we place a stent in the colon to avoid obstruction again. After such surgery, other treatments for colon cancer are initiated.

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    Very soft spoken person & extremely gentle with patients. He explains everything and clears out any doubts the patient has. He has always been available for any guidance and support we asked for. Best treatment,Good recovery

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    Very soft spoken person & extremely gentle with patients. He explains everything and clears out any doubts the patient has. My mom got operated under him for breast cancer and is now recovering well. He has always been available for any guidance and support we asked for. Lucky to have such doctors in our city.

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    It's been almost a year since my husband got diagnosed with cancer but thanks to Dr. Nilesh , he operated my husband and till date we haven't faced any major complications as such. He is a great doctor , treats his patients very well.
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    I met Dr. Nilesh sir since my father diagnosed for Renal Cell Carcinoma. He guided us very well. After every reports like CT Scan, PET Scan, CT Guided Biopsy, they explain us each & everything very clearly. Also they suggest very well known doctor (with his reference). For better treatment with medication. He received our calls at anytime and guide us with very simple behavior.
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