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Oesophageal cancer is the cancer of the food pipe (oesophagus) that arises when normal oesophagus cells start growing abnormally (uncontrolled manner) due to various reasons.

The oesophagus (food pipe) is an important part of the digestive system that carries food from mouth to stomach.

Situated behind the windpipe and in front of the spine, the oesophagus plays a vital role in digestion.

The gastro-oesophageal junction (GOJ), where the oesophagus meets the stomach, is governed by a muscular ring, overseeing the passage of food. For expert care and guidance on oesophageal cancer, consult with Dr. Nilesh Chordia, renowned as the best Esophageal Cancer Specialist in Mumbai.

The Causes & Risk Factors for Oesophageal Cancer

 Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux inside the stomach damage the esophagus over time

 Eating very hot food or drinks; E.g. Hot Tea etc. for longer periods of time

 Tobacco consumption (especially chewing)

 Excessive alcohol consumption

 Old age

 Exclusion of nutritious food (Fruits, Vegetables); remaining undernourished

Explore the intricacies of causes and risk factors for oesophageal cancer with Dr. Nilesh Chordia, recognized for providing the Best Esophageal Cancer Treatment in Mumbai. Gain insights into the factors influencing this condition and discover proactive approaches to enhance your understanding and well-being.

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Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

 Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

 Indigestion or heartburn that doesn’t go away

 Weight loss

 Pain in your throat or behind your breastbone

 A cough that won’t go away

While symptoms may raise concerns, it’s crucial to note that numerous conditions, more common than esophageal cancer, can manifest similar signs.

For a Comprehensive Evaluation and Expert Guidance, Consult Dr. Nilesh Chordia, Recognized as the Best Esophageal Cancer Surgeon in Mumbai.

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Empower Yourself Against Esophageal Cancer

Don’t wait – schedule a consultation today and let’s fight Esophageal cancer together.
Dr. Nilesh Chordiya is one of the best Esophageal cancer surgeons in Mumbai.

Treatment Of Oesophageal Cancer

Treatment of the esophagus is critical as the structure plays a very vital function in the body and it is closely surrounded by various other important structures.

Surgery, Radiation therapy, and Chemotherapy are recommended in the right proportion, at the right time, and right stage to treat esophageal cancer.

Video-assisted thoracic surgery has become a gold standard and it has replaced open surgery in many in India in esophageal Cancers.

Food During Oesophageal Cancer Treatment

Like in the case of stomach cancer, food intake gets highly compromised in the case of esophageal cancer and the patient loses weight significantly.

He is starved badly and sometimes it is difficult for an Esophageal Cancer Doctor to recommend any treatment as the patient does not remain in a position and capacity to take it comfortably.


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    These cancers occur in squamous cells of mucosal linings in the larynx, throat, lips, mouth, nose, & salivary glands.

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    Tumors or lumps in the breast are indications of breast cancer. It is treatable to a large extent if detected in an early stage.

    Stomach Cancer

    Abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the stomach leads to stomach cancer, also termed “Gastric Cancer”.

    Ovarian Cancer

    Tumor-like growth in the ovaries is known as ovarian cancer mostly affects young females & is detected in later stages.

    Oesophegal Cancer

    Oesophageal cancer occurs in any part of the food pipe, commonly caused by smoking or uncontrolled acid reflux.

    Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer begins in the gland cells of the prostate, found in males & is highly treatable at early stages

    Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal cancer usually begins in the rectum or colon and is commonly observed in people above the age of 50.

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    Gynecological cancer is a term used for the group of cancers affecting female reproductive organs & genitals.

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    Patient Review

    Patient testimonial for Dr Nilesh Choradiya

    Mamta Angarkhe

    Cancer Survivor

    Very soft spoken person & extremely gentle with patients. He explains everything and clears out any doubts the patient has. He has always been available for any guidance and support we asked for. Best treatment,Good recovery

    Ajinkya Manohar

    Cancer Survivor

    Very soft spoken person & extremely gentle with patients. He explains everything and clears out any doubts the patient has. My mom got operated under him for breast cancer and is now recovering well. He has always been available for any guidance and support we asked for. Lucky to have such doctors in our city.

    Shakuntala Purswani

    Cancer Survivor

    It's been almost a year since my husband got diagnosed with cancer but thanks to Dr. Nilesh , he operated my husband and till date we haven't faced any major complications as such. He is a great doctor , treats his patients very well.
    Thank you Dr. Nilesh

    Omkar Sakpal

    Patient's Son

    I met Dr. Nilesh sir since my father diagnosed for Renal Cell Carcinoma. He guided us very well. After every reports like CT Scan, PET Scan, CT Guided Biopsy, they explain us each & everything very clearly. Also they suggest very well known doctor (with his reference). For better treatment with medication. He received our calls at anytime and guide us with very simple behavior.
    Thank you Dr. Nilesh Chordiya Sir.

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