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What is Pancreas Cancer?

Around 70 to 80% of pancreatic cancer is located in the head part of the pancreas.
15 to 20% of pancreatic cancer is located in the tail part of the pancreas.
In very rare care i.e., in 5 to 10% of the patients, the body part of the pancreas is where the cancer is located.

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Symptoms of Pancreatic cancer are:

Yellowish eyes
Dark urine
Pale stool

Unfortunately, In 80% of the cases, cancer is diagnosed in its later stages. Very few patients get diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in their early stages where the cure rate is significant.

Symptoms of stage 2 cancer are:
Severe backache
Unexplained weight loss
Uncontrolled diabetes
Digestion issues

It is advised that people with any of these symptoms should undergo a check-up at the earliest.

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