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Stage One Colon Cancer Symptoms

Stage One Colon Cancer Symptoms<br />

Cancer that develops in the large intestine e.g.colon or rectum is called colon cancer. This region of the large intestine is impacted. These are in charge of constructing the digestive system’s bottom half.

Colorectal Cancer is relatively frequent, ranking in the top three of all cancers worldwide. Other malignancies’ signs, symptoms, and treatments are comparable. However, certain signs call for immediate consultation with an oncologist for therapy.

Symptoms of 1st Stage Colon Cancer

Colon cancer symptoms might include:

  • Alterations in bowel habits: Changes in bowel habits are the primary indicator of colon cancer. The likelihood that stools have altered in frequency and consistency exists. Additionally, you suddenly feel the need to use the restroom.

    There may be constipation with a feeling of incomplete evacuation and frequent loose motions, as the intestine diameter decreases due to the tumor, causing only semisolid or liquid motions.

  • Changes in stools: Changes in stools are quite common. Hence, you might experience thinning of stool. These seem like tiny, pencil-thin stools. You may sometimes feel as if you are experiencing diarrhea.
  • Constipation: When colon cancer is present, and the large intestine is not functioning normally, a typical symptom is difficulty passing stool, sometimes known as constipation. Additionally, you’ll run into issues if you start using the restroom. Constipation often results in bloody feces.
  • Unexplained weight loss: In cancer patients, unanticipated weight loss is relatively prevalent. Affected portions of the large intestine may also cause sudden weight loss. The most common issue is that everything is fine, yet they find that they are losing weight. There must be an emergency here, and your body most likely has a problem.
  • Persistent stomach aches: Constant cramping and stomach discomfort are highly common. Sometimes your discomfort prevents you from participating fully in activities. Due to their inability to get a good night’s sleep, most individuals experience the same ache at night.
  • Trace amounts of blood in the feces: You will also find blood in your feces. The colon is not working effectively in the majority of situations, but this prevents you from being able to pinpoint the real reason.
  • Nauseousness or vomiting: Feelings of nausea and vomiting are also extremely prevalent. You sometimes need to throw up everything you consume in the morning. In addition, some remark that their vomiting patterns indicate they have acidity problems. However, you should see a Colon Cancer Surgeon in Mumbai immediately if it keeps occurring.

You should talk to your healthcare practitioner about any symptoms you’re experiencing, but this is particularly important if you have risk factors such as a record of colon cancer in your family.

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Is 1st Stage Colon Cancer Curable?

It is possible to treat stage 1 colon cancer. Stage 1 colon cancer may be healed by eliminating the colon because it only impacts the colon and not any other regions of the body. Treatment for stage 1 colon cancer includes surgically or endoscopically eliminating the malignant tissue from the colon.

Surgery might not be required if a malignant polyp can be eliminated through a colonoscopy with a tumor-free margin. This relies on the kind of polyp, whether it can be removed whole, and the pathologist’s evaluation.

A colectomy(removal of colon ) is the name of the procedure used to treat colon cancer. It may be performed laparoscopically via tiny incisions or a significant abdominal incision. The healthy portions of the colon are rejoined after the cancerous portion, and any nearby lymph nodes have been removed.

Stage 1 survivorship

The epithelium of the mucosa, or lining of the colon, is not the limit of the malignant development in stage 1 colon cancer.

The intestine’s muscles, which are in charge of moving food through the colon to get digested, are affected by the spread of cancer cells in stage 1 colon cancer. However, the expansion has not entirely entered the colon’s wall, which is still intact.

For persons with stage 1 colon cancer, the 5-year survival rate is 92%. This indicates that 92 out of 100 Stage 1 colon cancer patients live five years after their original diagnosis.

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Colon cancer in stage 1 may be treated without chemotherapy or radiation. The main course of therapy is surgically or through a colonoscopy removing the malignant tissue.

After receiving treatment for stage 1 colon cancer, many patients recover successfully. However, patients must keep seeing their doctors for follow-up care and periodic checkups following treatment.


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