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A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosing Esophagus Cancer

Any individual with persistent symptoms of Esophagus Cancer, like difficulty swallowing, weight loss, backache, or hoarseness in voice, and they are ongoing for more than 2 weeks, they should consult a doctor right away.

In this blog, we will look at some of the most common tests we do to diagnose Esophagus Cancer. Let’s begin.

Tests for Esophagus Cancer

  1. Barium Swallow: This isṣ the most common test that we perform to diagnose Esophagus Cancer. During this test, a patient has to swallow a dye. Once done, we can identify any irregularities in the structure of the Esophagus that might help us diagnose cancer.
  2. Upper GI Endoscopy( Gastroscopy): This is also one of the most common tests for diagnosing Esophagus Cancer. During the test, we insert a scope inside the patient’s mouth to take a better look at the Esophagus. This test helps us determine whether the choking is due to the tumor or another condition.

During the Endoscopy, we also check the level of the tumor. It’s essential to determine whether the tumor is located in the Upper Esophagus, Middle Esophagus, and Lower Esophagus for customized tumors.

  1. CT Scan of the Chest/Abdomen: This test determines whether the tumor is restricted to the Oesophagus or has infected some peripheral tissues. This test also helps us determine whether cancer has spread to the lungs. This test is critical as we plan the treatment of each individual patient based on this scan.
  2. PET Scan: It’s a mandatory test for Esophagus Cancer. This test is done to identify whether the infection has spread to other organs and regions like the liver and lungs.

All these tests are critical in charting future treatment plans. Whether the patient should be given Chemotherapy or Radiation along with the surgery is determined based on these tests. Detailed testing and precise diagnosis can increase a patient’s cure chances.

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Wrapping Up

We hope this brief information on the tests for diagnosing Esophagus Cancer was informative and helpful. If you or your loved ones notice any symptoms of Esophagus Cancer, consult a cancer specialist and get these tests done immediately. Early diagnosis can significantly impact the outcome of your cancer treatment.

In case you need any further information, feel free to reach out to us. Our experts are here and happy to assist you. 


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